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24 Hour Locksmith

24 Hour Locksmith – A True Locksmith
Emergency lockouts can happen at any time and any place. Be it a residential emergency, automotive emergency or a commercial emergency, a 24 hour locksmith instant service is always nearby. A tricky situation can create a crisis. So, we are 24-hours ready to solve these issues. With this in mind, A True Locksmith has wise ways and means to respond to emergencies as fast as needed.

As one of the Best mobile locksmith service in the community of Brooklyn, A True Locksmith can boast on our 24 hour locksmith technician. They are on call to provide instant solutions in any emergency. The biggest problem with lockout emergencies is the fact that they can take place without any prior alert. You may have lost your car keys and realized it when it’s too late. Your apt door got slammed when you took the garbage out. And you don’t have the key to get back in. Or your office lock just won’t open due to a component being damaged through use of force. It always happens when you least expecting it.

Such situations are deemed as emergencies. And there require the services of an expert 24 hour locksmith with the use of the correct tools for the job. This is where A True Locksmith plays a big role. As a mobile service we are ready with a number of teams to answer a distress call at any location in Brooklyn.

24 hour locksmith with Immediate response at any location in Brooklyn

As part of our residential emergency locksmith services, we can help you in gaining entry into your home by reopening your locks. As per your requirement we will either repair or replace your lock depends on the situation. Our 24 hour locksmith experts will also re-key or replace your locks in case of the original keys are being lost. House lockout issues can land you in loads of trouble if you try to break into your own house. A True Locksmith provides a number of solutions for residential emergency lockouts. Such as, picking the lock, shimming the lock or drilling the lock. And then we will provide you with a new lock based on the situation.

We have a ready solution on site in all areas of commercial emergency locksmith. And so, we can reprogram your security locks and alarm systems to work as good as new. Where replacements are concerned, we will provide you with the best of technology in commercial security.

A True Locksmith has a successful track record of successful solutions to automotive emergencies. Our 24 hour locksmith technicians and mobile teams claim to quality and promptness to a call. Many of our clients will bear witness to this fact. As part of our automotive emergencies, we will help you re-key your ignition. Or we will provide key extraction services in the event of broken keys. Our 24 hour locksmith possesses both the technical know-how and the tools to cut you an auto key onsite. And thus you can gain entry to your car even in the middle of the night.

Emergency lockouts can be intimidating for some. It is with this factor in mind that A True Locksmith remains dedicated to a job that requires prompt and efficient services to answer a client’s call. Our response time will take no longer than 25 minutes at the most. Wherever you may be stuck, one of our emergency locksmith will reach you shortly to find a solution to your crisis.
Do you need the services of A True Locksmith in Brooklyn? If you do, please feel free to call us. We will reach to you within a short while.


Being new to Brooklyn, I had required the services of a locksmith. My colleagues introduced me to A True Locksmith and I must admit I was highly impressed with their services.
Arthur Doyle
I am a regular customer of A True Locksmith for two years now and they have always met my expectations in all manner of work.
Ruth Wilson
A True Locksmith got me out of a tight spot at the supermarket parking lot. When my key got stuck in the ignition. Thanks for the fast and quality service keep up the good work!
Jackie Graeme

I will always recommend A True Locksmith in Brooklyn. As these guys have an amazing knack of getting to any location right on time. They deserve the credit!

Felicia smith
If there is any locksmith that deserves credit, its defiantly A True Locksmith from Brooklyn. I will always recommend their services.
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Now I’m sure I can rest easy after hearing about the spate of burglaries having taken place in the area. You know your house is safe when you’ve hired the services of professionals.
Jeffery Wheeler