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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith – A True Locksmith
Burglary is rampant in the USA. In spite of the nature of its crime being too much common and easy to prevent, the record of thefts is always a matter of stress to all. Because, most residential areas do not feature a reliable and secure locking system.

Saving your home from burglars and intruders is a key to tension free living. Because, you want to sleep well at night knowing your home, your family and your valuables are safe. In order to gain such goal, it is vital that you set up a locking system. And it should feature the highest standards of technology and durability with the ability to prevent theft. Along with a security system well in place, you can be sure of a complete lock-down of your home at night or while your away.

A True Locksmith is one such company that excels in all areas of residential Locksmith such as

  • Condominiums
  • Brownstones
  • Housing societies
  • Privet houses
  • Townhouse

With A True Locksmith, Residential Locksmith solutions we will make sure that burglars stand little chance of breaking into your home. Our provisions of residential security include a vast array of high profile locks and security systems. Our stocks consist of branded hardware and technology. And these stocks adhere to global standards of quality. We will provide you a choice of locks well within your budget. Apart from this, we will also provide you a range of services that include re-keying your locks for additional security in case of lost keys. We will repair your old locks to work as good as new. With state of the art laser cutting technology, we can make you a master key. And you can use it to maintain a single key system for all the locks on every entry point of your home.

Our range of services for Residential Locksmith Needs

  • Repair and maintenance of locks
  • Lock installation
  • Fresh installation (new cuts in the door)
  • Security system installation
  • Alarm system
  • Master key system
  • Rekeying locks
  • Mailboxes Locks
  • Door knobs and deadbolts locks
  • High security locks
  • Keypad locks
  • Smart locks
  • Decorative locks
  • Residential emergency lockouts

Burglars today are adept at opening basic locking systems. They can even deactivate the alarms. But, houses with tamper proof alarms and security systems are mostly avoided because of the strength of its tamper proof features. With such alarm systems in place, you can relax and rest in peace. As you will be assured that your home is well protected. Our residential locksmith service provides an affordable but efficient range of alarm systems. And you can set up them at all access points.

At A True Locksmith we own the skills to find any security issue within your home. You may need our emergency services. Maybe, due to a lockout. Or in case you have lost your keys. We are on call to help you out. We excel in the area of lock set up and locking systems. Apart from this, we are expert in the installation of surveillance and fire detection systems as well.

A True Locksmith in Brooklyn always has been a dedicated residential locksmith service. And we serve the society without any record of failure. We are aware of the importance of security within your home. And as such we have developed our technology more and more. Because, we want to meet every possible need to keep your home safe and sound.


Being new to Brooklyn, I had required the services of a locksmith. My colleagues introduced me to A True Locksmith and I must admit I was highly impressed with their services.
Arthur Doyle
I am a regular customer of A True Locksmith for two years now and they have always met my expectations in all manner of work.
Ruth Wilson
A True Locksmith got me out of a tight spot at the supermarket parking lot. When my key got stuck in the ignition. Thanks for the fast and quality service keep up the good work!
Jackie Graeme

I will always recommend A True Locksmith in Brooklyn. As these guys have an amazing knack of getting to any location right on time. They deserve the credit!

Felicia smith
If there is any locksmith that deserves credit, its defiantly A True Locksmith from Brooklyn. I will always recommend their services.
Allen bell
Now I’m sure I can rest easy after hearing about the spate of burglaries having taken place in the area. You know your house is safe when you’ve hired the services of professionals.
Jeffery Wheeler